Critter Club

2014-02-23 15.23.11Ever wanted to learn about farm animals close up and personal? How about a chicken as a pet, fun and homegrown range free eggs? Critter Care offers children a fun, educational experience at a real working ranch. Each week we provide students with a delightful group adventure as well as hands-on experience in animal care, crafts, and environmentally responsible action and decision-making. 

Come join us for learning and fun…

april 2013 048You’ll start your week by visiting our chickens, horses, donkeys and goats. You will learn all about their special needs while you spend time with them, bring them water, or lead them to pasture.

You’ll have fun singing, making authentic ranch crafts, playing outdoor ranch games, learning about ecology and the interesting critters that live in the creek.

Each week, you’ll look for eggs in the chicken coop, get plenty dirty, and make brand new friends with animals and people.

It’s all in a day’s work at Owls Crossing Ranch.

july fun 001We’ll do our best to turn you into a real rancher on the days you spend with us and we’ll help you learn a little bit more about how each of us can take care of our fragile planet Earth.

We want you to experience & learn all about our critters.

Come visit Emma the talking chicken, the antics of Wendy & Peter Pan (goats), Gussie and Gracie (donkeys) and of course our retired horses.


Membership is limited in order to give each child maximum contact with the animals and individual attention from the staff.