Dirt Diggers

plant in handCome over and learn how much fun it is to grow your own fruits and vegetables. We enjoy sharing how to get in the dirt on a small and large scale, from raised planter boxes to container planting to pasture feed for the animals.

Learn how we have enriched the Tassajara clay into soil that is good for the animals and great for planting.

Weekly meetings will allow each Digger to have their own “piece of land” to cultivate and at the end of the season, enjoy the fruits of their labor.

pumpkin patchCome learn about native plants that bring birds to help with bug control. Learning about life on the ranch can teach many important life skills to children.

Dirt Diggers will be growing some plants from seed, tilling the garden for planting, and offered recipes to cook a big country meal and share it with their family.

Participants learn that healthy food comes from healthy soil, which can be anywhere, even in the city.

Little girl holding watermelon in field.Owls Crossing Ranch provides opportunities for community members to get their hands dirty and learn where their food comes from. Members will learn about sustainable farming practices, healthy soils, beneficial insects, and the different types of ecosystems.

Dirt Diggers will help tend our ranch fresh grown fruits, veggies and herbs, harvest and finally enjoy the fruits of their labor. When veggies are ready, they will have their own rancher’s market where selling the veggies harvested as well as other items that have been made by hand.

Tplant in handhere will be other activities including ranch scavenger hunts, crafting with magical plants, and creating new memories for a lifetime of sharing.

Just ask Emma and all the animals about the fun. We supply the tools, you supply the smiles.