Equine Boarding

Owls Crossing Ranch is family owned and operated since 1998. Working together we combine a lifetime of love and caring for your horse providing him/her the highest quality and safest care possible. Our package can be built around the individual needs of your horse. We strongly believe that every horse is entitled to and deserves to be provided with the following:

To be cared for with patience and understanding. This sounds cliché but we use only “natural horsemanship” methods when handling our horses. We guarantee that your horse will always be treated with the utmost kindness.

Our boarders can choose between a pasture with a shelter or a stall in the barn with a 100 foot run. The pastures are large, flat, safely fenced areas to live in

Diane, Patrick showing off the arena

Diane, Patrick showing off the arena

where she/he can exercise freely 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The shelters are 12’x12’ with optional shavings. Either of these environments provides your horse with a comfortable place for stall rest, if required. All of our pastures have trees for shade.

We understand that these are herd animals that enjoy socializing, safely without having to share food. Our pastures and stalls were set up to give every horse the opportunity to visit with other horses without food ever becoming a territorial issue.

We offer only quality grass and alfalfa feed, fresh water and minerals. We feed, twice daily, the quality roughage of your choice. Supplements, you have provided, can also be given for no additional fee. As stated above, each horse has his own constant supply of water.

There is consistent, routine health care and prompt veterinary care when necessary. If you would like your horse to receive supplements or medication, please provide details at the time of inquiry. Health care may include worming, hoof care, vet clinics spring and fall for vaccinations. Dental care is offered in the fall, grooming and pest control (fly spray, fly masks) are utilized to keep your horse as healthy as possible. Chiropractor and Massage services can also be easily arranged, should your horses need special attention.

At Owls Crossing Ranch this is our home, as well as home for your retired equine. We provide care 24 hours a day with horses checked throughout the day. It’s important to us that all our horses here are happy, healthy and safe enjoying their lives in their senior years.